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Whether you’re looking for a dramatic transformation or some volume and fullness, hand tied beaded weft extensions are gentle, seamless and deliver the most natural looking results.


Pricing varies depending on your hair, goals and the stylist you are working with and is based on the amount of hair needed and color customization. 


Routine color appointments are a separate charge. 



Each extension package includes:​

  • Hair lasting 8-12 months with proper care and maintenance

  • Custom blending extension cut 

  • Take home kit which includes recommended products for you to maintain your extensions

  • Custom color of extensions for the perfect blend



Length options 14” 18” 22”


For adding volume to your hair at your current length. Includes a single row and up to 3 wefts. The perfect amount of density to thicken up those wispy ends or add a pop of color

$600 - $750

Maintenance $120-$250

Volume & Length

For adding volume and length. Includes two rows of hair with up to 6 wefts.

 $1300 - $1900

Maintenance $240 - $400

Luxury Volume & Length

When 2 rows just isn’t enough, Maybe you're growing out a shorter cut or you have high density hair or you are opting for mermaid length, three rows is the perfect fit.  Includes 3 rows and up to 9 wefts.

$1500 - $2200

Maintenance $360 - $550

how it works

booking & policies


fill out our consultation form


book an in person consultation for color match


select a date for installation appointment and pay deposit


At installation appointment your extensions will be custom blended with your hair

and you  will go home with maintenance products, care guide, and schedule a  maintenance appointment


Maintenance appointment will be 6-8 weeks from install appointment
  • A Non refundable Deposit is determined during in consultation appointment and must be paid to book install appointment 

  • Extension Consultations are $50 and can be used towards your deposit when booking install appointment 

  • Your installation appointment must be canceled more than 48 hour in advance of your appointment or a $100 rebooking fee will apply

  • How long will my extensions last?
    How long your extensions last will depend on a few factors- Which method you have installed Hand-tied wefts, I-tips, and tape-ins are typically 6-8 weeks- hair lasts 8-12 months depending on at home hair. Keratin Fusion are typically 12 weeks How often you wash/color your hair The more you wash your hair, the more product and styling you will have to do. This can strip the protective aspects of the hair, so we recommend using products such as dry shampoo or cleansing conditioners to avoid shampooing as often as you would your natural hair. Your aftercare products It's important that you use the aftercare recommended for your extensions. Many store-bought products have sulfates and silicones which are not healthy for hair, and professional products usually have protein in them because it is something our natural hair needs. Extensions go through an extensive Using regular shampoos could over-proteinized your extensions, making them feel brittle and dry. We guarantee the quality and longevity of your hair by sending you home with the proper products for your extensions as part of your total appointment experience. The type of water you have (Well vs Hard) Minerals and deposits in well water can take away the moisture in your hair and cause build-up. This can be remedied by an attachable shower filter OR by doing regular detoxes in your hair to prevent the build-up. This is something that can your extension specialist can help you resolve. How you style your hair after washing/ before going to bed. When washing your hair, we ALWAYS recommend drying it immediately. When our hair is wet, it is 50% more elastic meaning it is more prone to breakage. In order to prevent any friction that could cause breakage, drying your hair before going out or to bed is imperative. This also prevents moisture from building up in between your extensions, regardless which can lead to build-up and sometimes unpleasant smells.
  • What is the hair made of?
    Our extensions are made of 100% HUMAN REMY HAIR. Remy means that the cuticle of your hair is all laying in the same direction, the same way it grows out of our head. If you were to buy extensions that are not Remy, it would feel rough and be very prone to breakage and frizz due to the cuticles of your hair not laying smooth. We ensure that the extensions we use meet the highest standards for sourcing, quality, and regulation.
  • How do I maintain my extensions at home?
    As mentioned above, minimizing how much you wash your hair, using the recommended products, and styling it appropriately are all the best ways to maintain your extensions. Always reach out to your stylist with any questions- we are always here to help!
  • Can I swim with my extensions in?
    Yes! Some extension methods are more compatible than others, so always discuss with your stylist based on which method you get. We will almost always recommend that you use a shampoo or treatment after swimming to ensure you rinse out any chlorine or salt water that could damage your extensions or shift your color.
  • Can I wear my hair up?
    Yup! It's always a part of your consultation to discuss how you typically style your hair. We can ensure the placement for your chosen method will allow you the opportunity to wear your hair how you usually do. We can get creative with methods and placement, no worries!
  • Can I blow dry, flat iron, or curl my extensions?
    Of course! As mentioned above, we always recommend blow drying your extensions after washing. When it comes to irons and curlers, you should use heat protectants as you would on your normal hair, but otherwise you're free to style it as you normally would. Just be sure to ask your stylist what works best for your chosen method, since tape-ins and keratin-fusion specifically would just require you avoiding the bonds at your root!
  • Can the extensions be colored to match my hair?
    Yes - We will always order the extensions closest to the goal for your appointment, however, in the event they don't match perfectly, we will color them to get you that perfect blend!
  • Can my hair be colored with my extensions in?
    Absolutely. If you're someone who regularly gets your hair toned/glazed or your roots retouched, don't worry! You'll be able to get your hair colored as usual. We can not lighten your extensions (it could be very damaging to them and the color pigment is not the same as our natural hair), so be sure to discuss any dimension/balayage/lightness you want so that we can customize your color placement/ custom color lighter extensions for you as needed BEFORE installing.
  • Will I be able to feel the extension?
    The first few days may feel a little odd if you're not used to them, but within a few hours even, most people don't feel them! If they're properly installed you should not feel any lifting, loose threads, or pain. Hair extensions are a learning curve, but they provide endless opportunities to change your hair and experiment without permanence! At Maven, we are dedicated to providing you with the information and education you need to feel your best working with your extensions.

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