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What’s the Deal with all this Balayage/ Ombre?

I’m sure we have all heard of this new craze in color and highlighting in some form. Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Foilage, Hair Painting. We could go on and on. But what is it exactly? It’s hard to break it down into one definition because there are so many beautiful variations of this technique, but we’ll lay it all out for you. Balayage it self is a French word that means to sweep or paint. So in the world of hair it’s a “hand painting” technique used to give soft, beautiful organic looking highlights. Although the term itself refers to an open air technique with no foils, the modern day look is achieved in a variety of ways including foil, mesh, cotton and even saran wrap depending on the hair’s current state and the desired result. These gorgeous highlighting techniques can range in many finished looks… lets look at a few:



As you can see they really can range from Soft and subtle to bold and strong. Generally “Balayage” refers to the softer look with a lot of dimension still left throughout the hair:



Soft-caramel-balayge-on-black-hair         6947f13c4942f16a01479d7e279cdd5e         o


Where “Ombre” is usually referring to a strong concentration of the lighter color throughout the bottom of the hair







But whats so great is you can easily blend the two:
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It even looks amazing on short hair styles:



e289b2a673445b3a91230a199eae1d4d                    Short-blonde-balayage-with-waves



But what really makes it stand out from the highlighting we are so used to doing? Why does it cost more than your full and partial foils? Each balayage/ombre service is customized to each person’s hair, and desired end result. It’s a very artistic approach to creating dimension in the hair. Many hours of training, classes and practice go into being able to crate these looks, not to mention the service itself takes quite a bit longer. But the BEST part about this technique is you get an extreme amount of longevity to your color.  No more harsh foil lines means longer time in between visits and less money spent over all.  A larger investment up front for an organic color that is less damaging, longer lasting and of course beautiful. Whats not to love. For any first time color or change in color, we always suggest a consultation prior to your appointment. Well that’s it. We broke it down. Let us know if you have any questions. See you soon hair friends!



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