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Coloring your hair for the first time: is an exciting experience which can also be mixed with fear and nervousness. At Maven Hair Company we know that you have a lot of questions and we are ready and eager to answer them for you.

Are you trying to cover gray? Do you feel your natural color is too dark for you? Too light? Do you want to go extreme and completely change your look? Or do you simply want to explore options on how to improve the shine, texture, and health of your hair? Coloring your hair is a beautiful form of expression, change and is a great way to boost your mood and self-confidence. While it’s fine to have doubts, they should not stop you from indulging in one of the best forms of beauty therapy.

Since there is so much for us to talk about we strongly suggest all first time color guests, as well as guest looking to make a change, chat with one of our professionals prior to their color appointment. This will ensure there is always enough time scheduled for your needs and your hair is ready for the transformation. Not only will you be guaranteed a professional color and finish, your stylist will also be able to let you know if the color suits you and what can be done if it doesn’t (such as slightly changing the tone or mixing it up with a range of other colors). Don’t worry, we at Maven Hair Company will meet all your needs.

Menu Options

Prices starting at:

Color Retouch $55+
Partial Highlight $100+
Full Highlight $115+
Partial Custom highlight Ombre/Balayage $120
Full Custom highlight Ombre/ Balayage $144
Gloss/Tone $22+
Color Camo $35+
Color Correction Upon Consultation

 *All lightening services include bond building/strengthening treatment in product
* There is an additional charge when extra product is needed

*We highly recommend and sometimes require adding a conditioning and/or strengthening treatment with lightning services


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